We are in spices marketing & sales since 1998 and have recently started our brand with the name of Zaykana in the year 2022. The basic principle of the company was to provide the general man, value for his money which we are maintaining continuously. The principle still holds good. Yes, though the sales have increased from a few kilograms to hundred tons per month. SURUCHI was the result of a vision to serve this vast majority through a product that was reliable, guaranteed for quality. Today, we are at a position where the customers can rely on us at closed eyes merely by brand name, ZAYKANA FOODS INDIA PVT. LTD. All the credit goes to our diligent professionals and workers who have restlessly extended their efforts to flourish the company.

Our Directors

Vijay Kumar Shrivastava

Vijay Kumar Shrivastava

MD, Sales & Administration

Abhishek Moharkar

Abhishek C. Moharkar

MD, Quality & Production